Mzansi Playdate

Bringing play to Mzansi!

We want to provide a time just for play, a time to reignite family joy, to create an opportunity for intergenerational play, a time to PLAY so that we can LEARN. The Mzansi Playdate aims to equip organisations to create their own community play events, through providing them with the necessary resources and tools to do so. We’ve created a Play Plan, which is a guide on how to create your own playdate and includes suggested games and activities.


The Play for Success intervention reached over 1.36 M people and engaged over 218,000 people across all social channels, which represents a 10% population reach within 3 months

More about the Playdate!

The Mzansi playdate is a nationwide activation with over 40 community playdates taking place across the country between mid October and mid November. We want parents and caregivers to engage in play activities with their children, reignite family joy, strengthen bonds and hand down traditions.

To find out how you can get involved, listen to our participating African language radio stations and follow our SiyaDlala SiyaFunda social media pages.

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