How I played my way here

Launching a movement of play!

Through a partnership with high reach media stations and local influencers, we engaged parents and caregivers and highlighted the importance of learning through play. We created a series of 54 radio shows that aired across 9 radio stations on the SABC African Language Stations network, which raised awareness around play and the Siya Dlala Siya Funda movement. This intervention was supported by a social media campaign and leveraged earned media to further its reach and coverage.

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reached through our radio and media blasts, in 9 different local languages.

R 5.3 m

The earned media across the intervention could be valued at around R 5.3M


Earned media through 19 radio stations, 2 TV channels, 5 Online & Print media, across South Africa

Our Media Launch

We hosted a media launch at the start of the campaign, which helped us get media buy-in, stakeholder interaction, and generate in-depth coverage. Alongside this, we ran a social media campaign in partnership with local influencers, who shared their own stories of how they played their way to success, which supported the radio shows. These activities helped us build community support, introduce the movement and raise awareness about the benefits of learning through play.

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